Your vein pattern is unique

The Biowatch concept is born after co-founder Joe Rice patented vein recognition as a new biometric authentication solution, back in 1985. He envisioned the use of a watch that would recognise your unique wrist vein pattern to grant access to stored credentials. A biometric watch that would be your ID.

The biowatch module

From a concept to a concrete product, here are some technical characteristics of the biowatch module:

  • Vein reader

    Highly compact, our near-infrared wrist vein reader pictures a wide area of the wrist while the buckle is deployed. The very well contrasted image is further used for user identification.

  • Pattern Recognition

    Our embedded algorithm features a false acceptance rate lower than 0.001% while operating at a false rejection rate lower than 1%. It is also very good at detecting fake vein patterns.

  • Persistent identification

    Once recognised by the algorithm the module will stay active as long the buckle remains closed on the wrist.

  • NFC

    Most of the protocols based on NFC are available within the module. Moreover, the NFC chip is both passive and active.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy

    To communicate with smartphones and any other smart objects

  • Autonomy

    A tailor made rechargeable lithium-ion battery is powering the module up to 2 weeks on a single charge.

99,999% sure the module is on you and no one else

The companion app

Once set up and paired to several services thanks to its companion app, the biowatch module works independently from the mobile to identify the user and access paired services in replacement of cards, keys, PIN codes, passwords and fingerprints.

  • Setup

    Configure your profile associated to the module

  • Enrollment

    Follow the instructions to enrol your wrist vein pattern in the module

  • Pairing

    Use the app to pair your module with different use-cases

  • Back-up

    Use the app to back-up some data in case you would loose the module

  • Mobile & Desktop

    The companion app will be made available for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows and MacOS

Interested in co-developing use-cases ?

If you feel like you have a service or a device that would greatly benefit from being compatible with the Biowatch we are happy to discuss it with you. We plan to expose an open API to interested 3rd parties in the course of 2018.

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Interested in co-branding products ?

We are happy to re-design the buckle according to your brand or to re-factor the technology into a suitable form factor, whatever a watch face, a watch strap and much much more. Don’t miss the opportunity to offer a “Powered by Biowatch” product line to your customers and to benefit from our existing and upcoming markets.

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Want to know more?

You may be a potential client, partner, team member, investor, advisor, a journalist or simply curious: please feel free to reach out and let us know about yourself and your need.

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